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English RAKUGO !
English RAKUGO
: The entertaining art of Japanese storytelling

RAKUGO is the Japanese traditional form of entertainment similar to stand-up comedy. A RAKUGO entertainer will perform solo, without using large props, or extravagant costumes. The humor is created through the use of the voice and facial expressions to share a funny and memorable story. The performer uses simple props like a folding fan or small hand towel to represent objects in the story.

Don’t miss it! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see the only professional non-Japanese performer of English RAKUGO!

English Rakugo Stage

Date: January 26, 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: Miyoukakuji (Kyoto-fu Fukuchiyama-shi Gofuku-machi 77)
Entrance fee: Advance tickets – Adults \500 / Students 15 and under \300
At the door – Adults \1000 / Students 15 and under \800
To reserve advance tickets, email MAIMAIDO at maimai42mai@yahoo.co.jp
Cast: Katsura Sunshine (桂 三輝)
Organized by: Kyoto-Fu Hokubu Kokusai Kouryu Kyoukai

About Sunshine…
Katsura Sunshine, real name Greg Robic, is originally from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He graduated from Toronto University where he majored in Classical Theater. While studying for his masters, he wrote and produced the musical Clouds, which has a 15 month run at the Toronto Theater. In 2007, he entered graduate school at the Osaka University of Art. In September of 2008, he began his Rakugo apprenticeship with Katsura Sanshi. Sunshine currently resides in Mie Prefecture where he started a local theater project. From August 2013, he became a Canadian Cultural Ambassador with the Canadian Embassy in Japan.
To learn more about Sunshine, visit his website.

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